A Slow Rip


Wheat and Nerve

Completed in July 2009 after a seriously long gestation (for us at least). It was recorded at our 8th and 9th sessions (geddit?) in October 2007 and March 2008 respectively but not fully completed until a final wave of enthusiasm rushed over Rob in June 2009. A couple of the longest tracks appeared last and may be the best of the lot. Rob also wanted to include a track for recently deceased Soft Machine bassist - Hugh Hopper.

01. Donna (06:22 )
02. Platform 5 (04:57) 
03. Tell Them To Wait (13:55)
04. Another Wall (04:15)
05. The Annandale Shuffle (02:19)
06. Treeline (04:32)
07. Mr Messmer Hears The Murmurs (11:25)
08. Huge Whopper (Dedicated To) (03:09)
09. Doona (04:48)