A Slow Rip


Light You To Bed

after what seemed like a lengthy break, we reconvened with some small amount of trepidation balanced by the continuing surprise of actually playing together again. the live recording took place in ianís lounge room at austinmer on 8th October 2005 using the amazingly trusty and versatile Teac 4 track cassette recorder. as it transpired, it was a long session, full of many terrific moments (be they lovely or bracing) and with a slightly changed dynamic due to the use of some new equipment. rob was definitely at the controls for the listening, editing, mixing and even more listening with the final selections and track positioning decided by all in philís lounge room at thirroul on 4th december 2005 and onwards.

01 - Kalimbah Tweek
02 - Give Me A Warning
03 - Duelling
04 - Short - Back - Sides
05 - Later That Night
06 - Never Seen The Stars
07 - Mister Mesmer, Under Water
08 - Five Farthings
09 - 2:20 AM At The Canyon
10 - Devil In The Well
11 - Collapsing Man
12 - Channelling