A Slow Rip


5 Chains and a Single Bolt of Silk

Our 6th session was recorded on the 13th July 2006, once again in Ianís comfy lounge room onto the Teac 4 track cassette recorder. A fairly lengthy period of non-band activity afterwards (and our very first live performance) ensured that we came back to the recordings with some degree of freshness. Surprisingly, very little needed to be done to pull the good sections into form but Rob weaved some magic as well at the Acid controls. This final mix was completed in early December.†There seems to be less emphasis on drones and long phrases this time round, replaced instead by scratchier tones and a willingness to confuse and confound ourselves.

01 - Five Chains
02 - Blubber-guts
03 - Mister Mesmer, Legs Asunder
04 - The Court On The Left
05 - Strings 'n' Bling
06 - A Single Bolt Of Silk
07 - Aero Down
08 - A Thing For Strings
09 - S. Miller Re-run