A Slow Rip

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Old News:

31st March 2008 : We've received our copies of the Endgame 2 CD compilation.
25th January 2008 : Removed mp3s and full albums - possibility of a label release, cross fingers. Have also added us to last.fm, facebook and myspace.
9th January 2008 : Asr8 and 9 have been recorded and Rob has rough mixed 8 - with great results.
1st September 2007 : Well, ASR7 took even longer than expected, really but it's here: "Constant Reminder".
26th June 2007 : After a ridiculous amount of time, due mainly to work commitments for everyone, we've finished the 7th session mixes. And all thanks to Rob, once again for making the time to get it done. More to come soon.
1st February 2007 : Full length albums are all available in MP3 format via Rapidshare. See the separate 'releases' pages for links.
29th January 2007 : Had our 7th session in Ian's reconfigured lounge room - more like an intimate venue really (think The Cavern but boxy). Shane and Tegan came over to listen and Ian's flatmates sat in and out as well. Sometimes awful and sometimes gorgeous, as always. Shane recorded the whole thing live onto DAT so we'll see how that goes. I've got the digitising job again.
20th January 2007 : We're meeting up with Shane and Tegan from Endgame records regarding recording in their studio. Update: it was a relaxed, comfortable meeting which provided some possibilities. We really need to play live to gauge our commitment and the audience reaction.
16th December 2006 : "Five Chains and a Single Bolt of Silk" is finalised. Have a listen.
17th September 2006 : We're performing live for the 1st time at Scarborough Wombarra Bowling Club. Only 20 minutes as part of the open mic night. It should be fun - maybe a Mr Mesmer version?
UPDATE: So we played last night and it turned out fine. A very generous audience gave us seemingly heartfelt congratulations. I couldn't hear Ian very much and... oh, you know, typical technical stuff that happens when you play live got in the way. But I was happy with the performances overall - some dud bits but some good bits too. I threw in my new delay riff (played in a different rhythm but it worked out fine) and the Mr Mesmer chord progression got an airing even if the whistle had been lost. I last played live in a band situation in 1981 (No Night Sweats was later but we had no equipment to speak of) and the memories just flooded back as we lugged that damned gear out to the car.
13th July 2006 : 6th session - pretty good, we think. Lots of material that can be mixed almost as is. Now we need to find the time to actually mix it.
20th April 2006 : "Fuse - Release" finalised - check it out.
10th April 2006 : Mixing for the 5th session is almost complete. It's a radical departure from the previous methodologies. Tentative title "Fuse - Release".
4th March 2006 : traffic at the site is still steady but small - no email responses, though - come on people, send the love! there's only been one net response to the full on despatch of Light You To Bed (40 discs sent to mag, companies and radio stations): thanks Peter at Sonography for playing our tunes.
2nd February 2006 : 5th session - everyone enjoyed themselves terribly
17th January 2006 : Changed mp3s in "Light You To Bed"
28th December 2005 : Re-designed website online
27th December 2005 : Final master of "Light You To Bed" completed.