A Slow Rip



a slow rip is comprised of three like minded individuals who all happen to live in the glorious northern beach suburbs of Wollongong, underneath the escarpment and next to the sea. 

rob laurie mainly plays guitar although his heart really does lie with percussion. 

ian miles mainly plays a moog opus 3 but occasionally his talents will lead him elsewhere. 

phil turnbull mainly uses an odyssey and an ion and refuses to touch stringed instruments because they will inevitably cause him pain.

ian and phil met up through mutual friends and started swapping CDs (prog, avant rock, jazz, et al). this led, inevitably, to stray thoughts about actually playing music together. phil was scared stiff, really - he hadn't touched a keyboard for many years and his old synth skills were rusty at best. but ian didn't seem worried at all. in fact, he was the one always asking when it was going to happen. he was used to jamming with local musicians in all kinds of music and this would be just another friendly session. when rob heard he was excited too, inviting himself along to inject something other than keyboards and...

it just clicked!

our mutual love of terry riley, 70's synthesiser music, krautrock and the harsher sounds of musique concrete and this heat all shine through but the music we make does have it's own sound and intent that, amazingly, we haven't planned at all.

we took our performance and recording methodology straight out of the can workbook - minimal preparation, improvise on the day, record it all and glean out the very best sections for further studio enhancement.

it seems to work for us and we hope that you enjoy it as much as we do.

have a look at our releases for more information.